Nails Salon

This Nail Salon was designed to make the clients feel that they can have the best service in the most luxurious environment. The classic style of furniture was combined with modern details. Color pallet was chosen carefully in earth tones, to create a relaxed atmosphere…


Living Room waiting area

The living room space for the clients has been decorated with unique decorative objects like the golden mirror above the buffet, and the crystal chandelier above the handmade painted table.


This is one view of the waiting living room area where the client can have a drink or coffee , or check the beautiful and unique jewllery  in the showcases.

nail Polish Dryers

A corner with nail dryers was created for the clients that wanted to use simple nail polish and not permanent.

Two Bedroom Appartment in Lefkosia

This was a project of a two bedroom apartment in Lefkosia that a young couple, Mara and Grigoris needed to change because it had no style and color. Functionality was an issue too.

The living room area became the dining area as you can see on the next foto.

Dining room in the place of the previous living room

Here i used chocolate color on the walls and a round dining table because the space was not very big , so I wanted to give emphasis. The round floor lamp and rug gave an elegant touch,

Open Plan dining room and living room

I designed an open plan living room right next to the dining room in earth tones to add warmth in the space. Mara and Grigoris didn’t have to buy anything else but paint and a few very economic decorative elements.

main entrance before

The view from the entrance of the apartment was cold and unwelcome so I had to create a warm welcoming atmosphere. 

Main entrance after

I painted with a special textured paint the wall behind this amazing and unique furniture. This corner became a beautiful Bar .

Apartment's Bedroom before

bedroom after

Two of my paintings decorated the bedroom's wall

Wall painting in a school for Kids with special needs

At this project I was asked to create a wall painting with a message for all those kids with special needs, so I decided to draw a picture which shows that all around the world there must be no differentiation between children, and that all children have the same rights in life.  

planet earth

I started my project by creating earth to point the globalization of the situation. All those children that expect love and care from us are citizens of the world.

Global love

I drew five kids, each one citizen of a continent. Black, white, yellow e.t.c because I wanted to show that it doesn’t matter where are they from…they are children…either they have special needs or not…they have the right to be loved, to play, to live.

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