Office and Appartment Interior Full Renovation

Space Designed by Thalia Mastranestasi

Concept and Design

For this project I was asked to redesign  and create a two-function space -one office and one bedroom appartment in the same area. After talking with my client, I decided to design a space with neutral earth tones, to create a relaxing atmosphere, welcoming for his clients and him. This needed a full renovation.

I have used modern and classic materials and styles, to combine the old with the new, because I believe that this connection is vital in our every day life….We move forward in the future by learning from the past and this truth can be applied everywhere, even in our personal spaces.


Main Entrance

Kitchen Area

Reception Area
Living room Area

Renovations stages

Firstly I removed the existing floor because it was made for another use…they had installed a big number of plugs on it to help the function of a logistics office. This “stole” 30cm of the appartments height from floor to ceiling.

I also removed the existing kitchen to install a brand new one. At the same time I created a new door for passage to the bedroom.