apartments renovation

 At this project I was asked to design two spaces . One office and one bedroom apartment in the same area. I had to take advantage of every single cm and create functional and spacious spaces. 

This was the main entrance of the apartment.

This was the kitchen’s view from the entrance of the apartment. At the end of the room there was a small covered balcony which was used as storage area.

View of the existing living room, with a balcony closed with glass windows.

Another point of view of the way to the kitchen area from the living room.

The entrance to the existing office from the living room, and to the bedroom.

One view of the bedroom.

Another view of the bedroom which had no en suite bathroom.

The closed balcony in the kitchen area.

At this point I removed the existing floor because of the height loss. The existing floor was made about 25 cm above the ground level so they could install many floor plugs that were necessary for the logistics office operation.

I removed the existing kitchen and I opened a new door on the wall for entering the bedroom area.

I also removed the wall and the door of the existing balcony with purpose to install the new kitchen at this area.

The opened door on the wall that creates a new entrance to the bedroom.

The floor was leveled with concrete in the whole apartment and plasterboard was used to create the rooms.

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