I am Thalia Mastranestasi and my goal is your HAPPINESS...

Allow me to introduce myself as an enthousiastic and creative Interior Designer.

My name is Thalia Mastranestasi and I have a profound passion for transforming spaces into beautiful and functional works of art. My purpose is to make you  fall in love with your space..

I was born in a very beautiful island, Lesvos, which is in Greece. It’s culture and nature inspired me in many ways and helped me develop a creative and artistic look for any space around me.

Since I was a little girl I remember my self having a deep need for creation, like painting my toys, some walls of my house, changing my space by redecorating almost everything…and I wouldn’t stop until I was completely happy with the result. I have spended countless hours drawing, painting and crafting letting my creativity take flight in every medium possible. which was the start of creating artistic unique  pieces.  As I grew older my passion for design led me to pursue formal education in Interior Design but I always retained my artistic flair.

What sets me apart is my ability to listen intently to my clients, discerning their desires and aspirations. I believe that a space should reflect the essence and personality of those who inhabit it. By paying attention to the tiniest details of my clients lives, I transform spaces into personalized sanctuaries, where they can truly be themselves.

One of my trademarks is my fascination with combining seemingly unrelated elements to create harmonious spaces. I blend vintage charm with contemporary minimalism, and ethnic influences with modern functionality, to create results that are mesmerizing eclectic spaces, that tell captivating stories.

My purpose isn’t just to decorate, but to curate an experience that captivates the senses. I believe in sustainability, and repurposing whenever possible, incorporating reclaimed materials and eco-friendly elements into my designs, because I want my spaces not only to  be beautiful, but responsible and reflection of my commitment to preserving the environment.

Organization and functionality are very important to me, and that’s why I approach every project with an understanding of how the space will be used, ensuring that it is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also practical and efficient.

To me, Interior Design is not just a profession; It’s a passion that fuels my soul. Every project is an opportunity to breathe life into spaces, and creation of captivating experiences for my clients.

Through time, I discovered that making people happy by changing their environment made me happy, so I decided to follow my heart.

Let’s work together to create a unique space that will make you fall in love with your everyday life….