Decor A' Thalia

Metamorphosis that will Make You Love Your Home, office or any indoor and outdoor  space that you need to spend time with your loved ones!


Metamorphose your space and give a positive boost to your life!

  • Do you need a more functional and elegant space?
  • Does your environment inspire you, whether it’s your home or your office?
  • Do you need a positive change to reboot your life?
  • Would You Prefer Spending Less Money For Your Renovation?  

A great way to metamorphosis  our lives, for most of the people, is the change of our inner self….and that is so true…but I believe that if at the same time we change our environment too, the results will be amazingly stronger!

How many times have we felt that our home is “chocking” us? And how many times we felt that the “energy” is low in our space?

The main reason for these feelings is that the functionality, the furniture, or the colors are not the right ones for us, they are not “working” for us….but against us..

My purpose is to make you feel the benefits of positive energy in your space, and to love every single corner for making your life more comfortable and happier.

Together we can create a “new” life for YOU!

I am Thalia Mastranestasi and  my goal is your happiness.

decorarhalia photo of Thalia Maistranesstasi

Artworks are a MUST as a decorative element. They add elegance and sophistication in your space.

As an Interior Designer I always suggest to my clients this detail and the result is always the same…hapiness…

Here is one of my paintings ….”Looking to the future” in one of my exhibitions.

Collages are a great way to give a different touch of decoration in your space. Like paintings, collages can be an excellent choice.

Positive Energy is a big force that can change our every day life…We can bring positive energy into our lives, by using decorative elements, based on  Feng Shui Philosophy.

Here I created a headboard Frame for a bedroom, by using the He Tu painting, whose philosophy is based on the harmonious coexistence of metal and earth, something that brings positive energy in terms of health, prosperity and wealth.

Decor A' Thalia

Metamorphosis that will Make You Love Your Home, office or any indoor and outdoor  space that you need to spend time with your loved ones!

What I Do



Space Planning

Share your style and inspiration with us

  • Make your space more functional in your style and budget
  • Give your space a stylish look taking the guess work out of decorating
  • Talk with us about your needs so that we can create exactly what is perfect for YOU. 

Furniture, Accessory, & Art Selections

  • Be surrounded by items that totally reflects you and your personality
  • Beautiful, useful and practical furniture, decorations and accessories
  • Multifunctional furniture use for the creation of great functionality free space and storage.

Interior Re-design

Give your space personality

  • Give your space the look that you will love to see and feel every day
  • We work with your existing furniture to create a cohensive design and layout so that you don’t need to spend a fortune…
  • Restoration of your old furniture so that you can use your budget in something else and for creating something unique for your space


Since I was little……. I remember my self having the deep need for creation, like painting my toys, some walls of my house, changing my space by redecorating almost everything ,and I wasn’t stopping until I was happy with the result. I was doing the same thing  at my friends houses. Very quickly,  I discovered that this was my passion….to making people happy with their personal environment, either it was their home or their professional space. My purpose is the creation of beautiful, comfortable, and functional designs that will make you fall in love with your space. 

I believe that we don’t have to spend a fortune to create something beautiful, and that’s why I am specialized in using your old furniture by giving a full restoration at them so that you can use them again for as long as you want. That makes you save money that you can spend in other investments like fixing your floor, or buying new appliances, or at your bathrooms renovation.

By working together, we can create a unique, beautiful, warm and functional space that will bring you happiness and peace in your every day life.

Most Recent

Unique creations tailored to your personality

For me every new project is a new creative challenge, and our design solutions are always a result from a collaborative process between us and the client. We believe that design can be transformative. It can improve people everyday lives, help companies grow and evolve and create a better world.

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