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Metamorphose your space and give a positive boost to your life!

  • Do you need a more functional and elegant space?
  • Does your environment not inspire you, whether it’s your home or your office?
  • Do you need a positive change to reboot your life?

Decor A' Thalia

Metamorphosis that will Make You Love Your Home, office or any indoor and outdoor  space that you need to spend time with your loved ones!

What I Do



Space Planning

Share your style and inspiration with us

  • Make your space more functional in your style and budget
  • Give your space a stylish look taking the guess work out of decorating

Furniture, Accessory, & Art Selections

  • Be surrounded by items that totally reflects you and your personality
  • Beautiful, useful and practical furniture, decorations and accessories

Interior Re-design

Give your space personality

  • Give your space the look that you will love to see and feel every day
  • We work with your existing furniture to create a cohesive design and layout


Since I was little……. I remember my self having the deep need to create different things like painting my toys, some walls of my house, changing my space and redecorating almost everything until I was happy with the result. As I grew up I became a really good athlete and I thought I found my purpose until a very serious accident made me stop…..Almost immediately as I was waiting to get better my way out was to start creating again and that was when I realised that my passion was decoration, painting and creation of artistic items . Read more…….

Most Recent

Unique creations tailored to your personality

For me every new project is a new creative challenge, and our design solutions are always a result from a collaborative process between us and the client. We believe that design can be transformative. It can improve people everyday lives, help companies grow and evolve and create a better world.

Homey therapy! Read more.....

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